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Cosmo: What was your reaction when you heard from Ricky Martin’s team? Neha Mahajan: “When I received a call from Mireille, Ricky’s associate, I didn’t believe it at first... I thought it was a prank call. I was so skeptical, I even ended up asking her, ‘Why do you want me to play for this song?’ She said, ‘Erm, because it’s beautiful music’. I jumped for joy once I found out she was being serious!” C: What was it like, working on Pausa? NM: “I learnt and grew so much because of this experience. My Sitar-raga music is a purely wordless communication, and to pair it with a song with lyrics—with a soulful voice like Ricky’s—certainly expanded my imagination. And Pausa speaks largely about the need to love unconditionally, which is immensely relevant for me.

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